What I Use : SCUBA

It’s taken me YEARS to get exactly what I wanted gear-wise. Trial, error, bartering, advice from others – all were factors in how I got here.

Fins: I have several, my favorite so far is the classic ScubaPro Jet Fins with spring straps. I know they’re heavier and primarily used in tech and cave diving, but they’re solid and I work best for me. For freediving, I use Cressi Gara 3000. I have others I’ve collected over the years and don’t use often including Mares Volo (Silver), ScubaPro Twin Jet (split type), and a couple of standard TUSA models.

Mask: I use the TUSA Liberator and have for 15 years. It is a prescription mask, and served me well for SCUBA and freediving, although lately, the neoprene strap has been slipping upward on giant stride entries. With all the mask removal involved in the PADI Open Water course, I finally decided to shave my beard off and keep it off. After going so long without a proper razor, I found the MicroTouch Tough Blade Razor (yes, it’s that “as seen on TV” Brett Favre razor). The blades hold up longer than any I’ve ever used.

Snorkel: ScubaPro Trinidad Semi-Dry – I’ve tried several over the years and this one performs best for me and is very easy to clear.

Wetsuit: Warm water – .5mm ScubaPro Profile. Colder – Henderson 5mm jumpsuit (thanks Cam!) w/diveskin underneath.

BCD: Zeagle Ranger – I thank my instructor for recommending this. The buoyancy compensator has proven to be the most challenging piece of scuba gear for me to learn to use.

Gear bags: I have two main bags – an IST I use mainly for freediving gear, and a DUI for my scuba gear.

Slates: Dive Rite Underwater Executive Slate – it has multiple pages (6). I use it with the XIT 404 Aqua Pencil. Both were excellent recommendations from my instructor. You wouldn’t think a pencil would be a big deal, but the XIT 404 is a mechanical pencil and works much better than a “putt putt pencil”.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com