Spotify Playlists

Here are my shared Spotify playlists:

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2019 – these are songs I’ve hit “like” on this year. There may be several songs in a row by one artist. Quit whining and use the shuffle feature.

Workout Greatest – I rotate songs in and out of this playlist. It is the primary one I use at the gym. Once I get sick of a song, out it goes.

Scuba Cert OW – this is a list of songs I use to get psyched up for scuba class. Okay, I chose some obvious titles (Barracuda, Reverse Skydiving) – get over it.Some of these I envision being the soundtrack to some really cool underwater videos, particularly Mutant Convoy from the soundtrack to Deadpool 2.

NEW! Thomas Frank’s Sunday Study – A Homework and Productivity Playlist – this is curated by productivity geek Thomas Frank. I play this when I’m working (doesn’t have to be a Sunday). He adds to the list every Sunday. Unless he’s procrastinating.