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Technology is great, but are you overthinking it?

Technology is great, but are you overthinking it sometimes? Before you alter code, create some automated process or make a digital river flow the other way, take a step back and think if there isn’t a simpler solution, maybe one that doesn’t even require technology.

This can happen too with all those digital assistants and the Internet of Things.

The results of overthinking it is like Pee Wee’s breakfast – fun to watch, but a lot of effort spent on something you could just do faster manually, or worse, something you won’t even use (see how much of the automated breakfast Pee Wee actually eats).

Taking control of a computer with a USB cable?

It’s possible. Not only is it possible, the capability has been out there for four years.

Bottom line – be cautious of what you plug into your computer. Don’t use someone else’s cable, don’t let someone you don’t know well “charge their phone for a minute”.

You have to be diligent and aware of what is in and on your computer.

Now it has a fancy remote control…

Never Underestimate the Power of the Thank You Note

If you’re going back and forth on whether to send a thank you note, for any reason, send it. While would-be thank you note writers worry that such messages may come across as awkward or that they’re writing isn’t up to par, those on the receiving end feel the opposite, according to a study in the journal “Psychological Science.” The researchers discovered that thank you note writers grossly underrate the positive impact of expressing gratitude.