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How to Use A Public Restroom

In a discussion with a friend, I brought up the topic of using a public restroom and how you navigate that task.

You can seriously overthink this topic, but no one can do this as thoroughly as Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann did in episode 85 of their podcast, Back to Work. 

Jump to the 18:20 point, that is where the fun begins. And don’t eat anything while listening. After this episode, you will just wait until you get home to use the restroom.

Can Emergency Responders Find Your House?

From the Lakeside Park newsletter

Col. Christopher J. Schutte, Chief of Police

Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills Police Department

Seconds count in an emergency. If you need assistance from emergency responders, they need to be able to quickly locate your residence. Therefore if your address numbers are not displayed or are not clearly visible, it can delay an emergency response to your home. For example, having numbers that are not easily identifiable such as very small numbers or dark numbers mounted to a dark surface, can be quite ineffective. Address numbers painted on the curb can also have inherent drawbacks, such as a vehicle, leaves, snow, or other debris obstructing the numbers.

housenumberFor these reasons, it is recommended to affix the address numbers to the mailbox or the house in a conspicuous location that is highly visible from the street such as near the front door or garage door.

Additional considerations are to have dark numbers on a light colored surface or light colored numbers on a dark surface. The numbers should also be of sufficient size to be easily visible from the street.

Emergency responders are well trained and ready to assist any citizen, however, they need to be able to quickly identify your house when they respond. Highly visible address numbers can greatly aid the first responders in providing the critical, necessary and potentially lifesaving service which they are trained to deliver.