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Facebook, Google – WTH

I’m no longer using Facebook actively. Updates I make will be here on my website and public. I’m disappointed with Facebook. The platform is deciding for me what I see, and many of my friend’s posts are buried or never seen. Instead, I get advertisements, the agenda Facebook wants to push at me, and other worthless crap. So I decided I am keeping my friends list to immediate family. A couple of days ago, I removed over 60 people from my friends list, not because I don’t like them – because they either do not post, or Facebook never shows me their post, or shows it to me 7 times a day. I would completely deactivate, but I still use Facebook for some offers and I have four years of pictures and content in it.

Nothing is wrong in general – there have been some political scuffs, etc. most of which I usually avoid. Facebook is completely useless and I would rather hear about my friend’s news in person rather than searching for it (as I said, many posts do not appear – or the same post appears for DAYS ON END even without comments).

Facebook and Google are private entities and your First Amendment rights don’t apply if you violate their terms of service.

There’s also the matter of Facebook controlling narratives. The “news” you see on Facebook is controlled by a formula that, unless you subscribe (aka “like”) certain media entities, you don’t see their content. You see what Facebook wants you to see, most of which are politically left-leaning – I’ll stop there.

Google isn’t innocent either. Two recent stories in the news show evidence of Google trying to “prevent another Trump situation” in 2020. Project Veritas has video of Google’s CEO saying they’ve been working on this for quite some time. Again, trying to control the narrative by tweaking the algorithm to push down conservative and political right content in results, essentially pushing their agenda. The bottom line is this – Facebook and Google are private entities and your First Amendment rights don’t apply if you violate their terms of service. Same with YouTube, which Google owns.

Another point is Facebook owns the data you post – see the terms of service, so they can do a lot with what I upload. Not only that, they can data harvest what I search for, watch, read, click on – even beyond the platform. Facebook plants cookies on the user’s computer that interact with other places you search and visit on the web – that is how they know you’ve been looking at paper clips on Amazon and can push office supply ads at you while you’re wading through time sucking content like “what type of colonial settler would you be?”.

Then there is the matter of Facebook Messenger. The way this program works, messages you send can easily become evidence in court, screenshots, forwards, all kinds of misunderstandings can ensue. True, this can happen with text messaging, however, there’s not always confirmation that the recipient read the message you sent (or you read theirs), and it takes more effort to share content than on Messenger. Of course the lesson is don’t write it unless you want it read in church, but there’s something I just don’t trust that much about Messenger.

July 4

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I never thought I would live in a time where some would find this flag to be offensive and abhorrent. This flag held the field to stop slavery. It flew when we stopped Nazis from taking over the world. It hung damp in the jungles of Vietnam and froze in the mountains of Korea when it stopped communism from destroying more countries. This flag that was placed on top of the ruins of the two towers and the pentagon after the 9/11 attacks. This flag stood stoic after being the only flag planted on our moon. I have seen it lay over the coffins of friends. I have seen it folded and handed to the widows of my former brothers. This flag stands for freedom and liberty. Damn, I love this flag. #4thofjuly #Independenceday #Americanflag

Technology is great, but are you overthinking it?

Technology is great, but are you overthinking it sometimes? Before you alter code, create some automated process or make a digital river flow the other way, take a step back and think if there isn’t a simpler solution, maybe one that doesn’t even require technology.

This can happen too with all those digital assistants and the Internet of Things.

The results of overthinking it is like Pee Wee’s breakfast – fun to watch, but a lot of effort spent on something you could just do faster manually, or worse, something you won’t even use (see how much of the automated breakfast Pee Wee actually eats).

Scuba Channels You May Have Missed on YouTube

Simply Scuba posted a video of their favorite scuba YouTube channels. They passed on the heavy hitters you probably know about – these are excellent recommendations to add to your subscribe list.

Lake Hickory Scuba is one I already subscribe to.

Channels referenced:

Behind The Mask…

50FT Below…


Lake Hickory…

Curtis Lahr…

Certification Dive 4 [Video]

Here is video footage of my fourth certification dive on May 26, 2019.

My fourth certification dive. This is the one that I had to plan from start to finish.


Depth: 18 feet Dive time: 28 minutes Start of Dive 10:49 Average Water temp: 55 degrees Exposure suit: 5mm Henderson wetsuit Weight: 22 pounds

Disclaimers: Keep in mind the goal is the dive itself – if the camera strays off any subjects of interest, bear with it. I’m new – my buoyancy goes a bit off kilter a couple of times and I wind up on the surface. It’s not perfect, be kind in the comments. This is the dive as it occurred. The objects in the quarry are as they truly were at the time of the dive, nothing has been edited out or into the video, nothing was added to the quarry for this dive. Some viewers may find some items “NSFW”. Deal with it.

Andy Torbet Talks Beyond Bionic, Operation Iceberg and HMHS Britannic

Scuba Diver Magazine premiered Andy Torbet’s keynote from the GoDiving show in the UK.

Scuba Diver Magazine is posting keynotes from the event in the coming weeks on YouTube, and Torbet’s keynote is the first to premiere.

The 42-minute video includes highlights from a dive inside an iceberg, and a journey to the wreck of the HMHS Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic.

Torbet will host the GoDiving event in 2020. Details are here.

You can subscribe to the online magazine here.

What is a Buffoonus-Aquarius?

What is a Buffoonus-Aquarius?

There’s one on every dive boat, and it may even be you. See what Jamesy and Brando have to say about this common breed of diver outlined in a 1961 Skin Diver article.

This episode was beneficial to my open water checkout dives. I was on my way to being a chronic over-signaller and after I remembered that being addressed in this episode, I knocked it off.

Listen to Episode 101 of The Great Dive Podcast – “The Buffoonus-Aquarius” (3/1/2019 – 50 minutes) Soundcloud Link | TGDP Website Link

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