I’m using Telegram

I mentioned a while back I have issues with Facebook, Instagram and other social media services. Most are a “time suck” and I don’t trust how the data is handled. The only social media platform I use is LinkedIn – and I don’t trust to let a lot of information loose on that network.

While text and iMessage are sufficient to communicate – there are limitations. I’m tied to using just the phone. I have no idea how pictures and media present on an Android device, since I use an iPhone. There are features from Facebook Messenger that I miss.

But I’m not going back to Messenger or Facebook. I don’t trust how Facebook handles the data, and I want something secure and fast that I can use on any device.

So I opted to use Telegram. Many of my contacts will receive invitations to the client. I will be using Telegram rather than other clients including Messenger, WhatsApp, even text messaging. Which means – if you send me a text, be prepared to get a very short reply and a phone call if necessary.

What is Telegram?

Reaching me on Telegram

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