14 Ways to Improve iPhone Battery Life

I was a bit skeptical of this one until I watched the video and employed some of the tips. Some of these I already use – reducing notifications is an easy one. Some others I wasn’t even aware of. I recommend watching the video, and don’t do the last one unless you absolutely need to.

The best (and easiest tips) from the video – watch for “how to” details:

  • Get location services under control – many should only be using “while using the app”
  • Close unused apps (this really does work)
  • Turn off Background App Refresh for apps that don’t really need it
  • Notifications – I turn a lot of things down to just “badges” – especially restaurant and loyalty shopping apps like Kroger and Home Depot
  • Change your mail from “Push” to “Fetch” (you can control the frequency)
  • Stop Analytics – I didn’t know about this one, and there are others in the Privacy submenu of Settings that drain your battery.
  • Turn off the animations – this is not a big deal for me, I prefer the “fade” rather than fancy animation anyway (more in the video).

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