Why I want to dive

One of my goals (they’re goals, not resolutions) for 2019, is to get my scuba certification. Here’s why I’m so interested in diving:

  1. I’ve wanted to dive ever since I was nine. I saw it on television, and wanted to do it. Anytime I saw diving in person or in a movie or on television, I was front and center watching. The first time I got to scuba dive was 1987. It was everything I wanted, and I wanted more (still do). When we visited Epcot a couple of years ago, we went to the Coral Reef restaurant. I had my nose pressed up against the glass for over two hours watching the activity in the aquarium.
  2. Atmosphere. It is as close as you can get to truly being weightless like in space (and it’s cheaper). I’ve experienced “weightlessness” (being neutrally buoyant – not floating or sinking) a couple of times in a pool. It intrigues me and I love feeling it.
  3. Lots to explore.  71% of the Earth is water. I’ll never run out of places to go. I wouldn’t with the other 29%, but the 71% that is water is less crowded, doesn’t have traffic, cellphones… you get the idea.

4. Friends. Most of the people I’ve connected with related to scuba diving are pretty interesting, friendly people. From people in my area to some in other parts of the world.

5. The environment. This was the year I saw just how horrible we treat our oceans. TONS of plastic winds up underwater, threatening sea life around the globe. As a diver, I can pull this type of plastic when I encounter it and as while on land, I can reduce how much single-use plastic I purchase. I’m sure some in my area (which is landlocked) think reducing their single-use plastic will not make a difference, but it will. Reducing single-use plastic will make companies think of alternatives.  Already, IKEA and Dunkin’ Donuts are eliminating single-use plastic by 2020. Locally, Kroger stores are eliminating plastic bags by 2025. 

6. I’m intrigued by the gear and how it works. When it comes down to it, you’re talking about life support equipment. Innovations in scuba gear bring all kinds of gear enhancements. I remember when there weren’t BCDs and the tank was just strapped on your back (my excursion dive in 1987 was with a tank harness/no BCD). Drysuits are more common, so are full face masks. From unique slate designs and clipping mechanisms to Kirby Morgan’s M-48 full face mask, I think it’s all cool and I already know I’m a complete gear nerd.