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Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra

Is there a conspiracy running within the US State Department? Did the impeachment probe uncover something that has to do with a “shadow government”? Watch this special and make a determination for yourself.

“As one falls, two more will take their place.” Democracy does die in darkness and is being strangled in secret, back-door arrangements. In the third part of Glenn’s special series on the REAL Ukraine scandal, the team’s research exposes a much bigger story of what Democrats were doing in Ukraine. Disturbing details and explosive documents reveal how the Obama Deep State allowed the theft of a country and has set the stage for devastating consequences in our democracy today. Glenn explains how it’s all happening under the nose of the president and, more importantly, without the approval of the American people.

Note – Beck mentions “proof” and documents – you can find that material here: Supporting documents and evidence: https://www.glennbeck.com/glenn-beck/the-democrats-hydra-here-are-the-facts-about-the-impeachment-inquiry-soros-ukraine